This was my first time at Paul and I know what you all must be thinking…really, first time…how come…ain’t I a Dubaian!!! Well, what to say…better late than never, rite. I loved my first visit, and I will be visiting again especially to try their desserts. This time my family & I ordered their mains as we were starving and that didn’t leave much room for desserts.

Once seated, we were presented with their bread basket which had a few different types of their fresly baked bread, olive and butter spreads.


We started off with their chicken & mushroom soup served in a bread bowl. It was perfect in terms of taste and warmth.


For the mains, we had Dinde fume et fromages, Club poulet and Mini beef sliders with orange juice and brownie from the kids menu. Dinde fume et fromages is basically a turkey sandwich with strawberry jam in brioche bread served with veggies. The bread is baked in-house and oh boy, was it amazing. So soft and delicious…I could eat it all day. The sandwich was also tasty…a change from the usual turkey sandwiches as this had strawberry jam instead of the usual cranberry jam. But given a choice, I prefer the one with cranberry jam as the sweetness of the strawberry became overpowering after some time.


Club poulet is just a grilled chicken sandwich. It was a little too dry for my liking.


The kids meal was perfect. The mini beef sliders were juicy and tender and yummy. My lil one absolutely enjoyed it.


And so was the brownie that came with it. I only got a bite since we were all sharing but I will be going back for more.


As a thirst quencher, we ordered a strawberry & mint cooler but nothing much to say about it. Tasted just ok.


Overall, an enjoyable experience. Everyone must visit Paul atleast once.




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