A Weekday Night Visit to Calicut Notebook, Barsha

This place is regularly visited by those who love or want to try typical malabar cuisine. I have been here several times before with my family but I’m reviewing it for the first time.

Since it’s winter in this part of the world, we were welcomed with a healthy and a little spicy coffee based drink from Kerala called chukku kaapi. Then came the Pazhassi salad platter which has leaves onto which we can put any stuffing we like as in chopped ginger, onions, roasted coconut pieces, chillies, peanuts etc, top it up with jaggery syrup, roll it and eat it. It was fun making and consuming it.


The night we visited Calicut Notebook was unusually very cold and windy. Hence we first opted for a hot and sour chicken soup to warm us. It was good and did what it’s supposed to do…heat our bodies.


Next up was Thai-style grilled jumbo prawns. This was just yumm. This dish was the best part of the whole evening. All three of us loved it.


For mains, we had hamour mango curry and beef roast with chapathi & wheat porotta. The fish curry was just average. The mango slices in it did nothing to give it any amazing flavour. Though my hubby liked the beef roast, I found the pieces a little too big and not soft and tasty enough for a typical beef roast from a typical Keralite restaurant.



Overall, some were good and some not so much. Still, Calicut Notebook is worth a visit once in a while.






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