Cuteness Overloaded at Ketli Cafe

A cute cozy little café right in the heart of Karama run by a mom-daughter duo…..that’s how I would like to describe Ketli Café. The name itself is so different. And the moment I stepped in, I was in a different world. The interior is so beautifully done, not very sophisticated, simple and chic. It exudes elegance and made me fell right at home. And my 7yr old kiddo loved the fact that the there were board games to while away time. I love that idea too…. something to keep the kids busy while we chat away.

This café opens at around 12 noon, so no breakfast for now, but there plans are in the pipeline. They remain open until midnight. Ketli Café is well-known for its varieties of chai (tea) and quick bites; all recepies were developed by the mom 😊

I heard that their cheesy chicken garlic bread and chicken pizza were yum but unfortunately, it was a no non-veg. day for me. So, I got to taste their cheesy loaded fries with chilli sauce. The presentation was stunning, and it tasted nice. The veg. pizza was really good. It had loads of veggies, cheese and pepper…. just the way I like it.

We were also served Nutella Paratha that looked and tasted good. But the parathas were a little tough to bite into.


I have to say that their Kinder Killer Milkshake was outta this world. It looks too simple but tasted lip-smackingly delicious. Trust me when I say this, both my son and I loved it so much that we just wanted another go at it.

How can I come to Ketli Café and not have their chai!!!! Karak chai was served in a cute ketli (pot) and even the cups were so pretty.

I have to visit them again and this time I’m going to order some non-veg. and Kashmiri chai…. I’ve decided. I’ll let you in on a secret…. I heard they are amazing.

The staff were very kind and helpful and always ready with whatever you need. This cute café is definitely your go-to place to bond with friends or colleagues over some great food.

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