Again and Again at Bar Baar

Bar Baar is quite famous among those who frequently visit pubs and bars in Dubai. Seeing all their Instastories, I too wished to visit this place. And a few days back, my dream came true when they were launching their new menu and I was invited. Aptly named ‘Gully Boy’, this new menu features street food from the gully (meaning street) of India, mainly Mumbai. The idea behind naming it Gully Boy, is the recent Bollywood movie of the same name that features foot-tapping rap songs, rising from the streets.

Bar Baar defines itself as a social hub and gastropub and has been open for almost a year. It is located at the Majestic Hotel in Bur Dubai, with a separate entrance from the outside of the hotel. After passing through a couple of doors, I stood in a large room with a huge bar to one side, a stage for live performance, a live kitchen corner, funky walls, a massive seating area, an equally impressive ceiling and the song “apna time aayega” from the Gully Boy movie blaring in the background.

Coming to the newly curated menu, ‘Gully Boy’ has a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian food menu and separate cocktail and mocktail menu. The names of dishes resonate with the ‘street’ theme and it brought out the ‘tapori’ in us. Since it’s the Lent season, I tried only the vegetarian and mocktail menu. Don’t be disheartened as the veg. menu is equally impressive as the non-veg., according to my friends.

First up we had Ek Dum Mast Momos. Momos (dumplings) as they are fondly called in India, is a much-loved street-side food, found at every nick and corner. Since I was having the veg. version, mine was filled with spicy minced veggies, and served with a green chutney and a spicy red chutney. Then we had Raste Ke Kanda Bhajiya and Chapri Style Missal Pau. The bhajiya was warm and crisp and served with really spicy green chutney and if that wasn’t enough, it was also served with a spicy red powder. The missal pau is gravy-based and thus is different from how it is usually served. It was just ok.

For drinks, I had Imami Sherbet and Raspberry Soda. The sherbet is a mixture of watermelon juice and milk and it was really delicious. I had it a couple of times 😊 The raspberry soda was not that great ☹

My friend had cocktails and I must say, their names were really interesting – Cutting Chai, Ek Number Chuski 😊. Ek Number Chuski is like a gola, ice-loly, served with an alcoholic liquid.

We also had Bantai Tawa Pulao and Mere Paneer Mein Chilli Hein. The pulao is typical Indian-style and this has to be the only dish on their menu which wasn’t spicy!!! That was a relief 😉 The paneer was Chinese-style and really hot but very delish.

I think the reason why they make all their dishes so spicy is because spicy goes well with alcohol. Also maybe because Indian palate craves spicy!!! Whatever the reason maybe, the food did have flavour and I can’t wait to go back and try the non-veg. dishes.

One thing that I’d like to add is that they should have some desserts, like jalebi or any other street-food sweets on the Gully Boy menu.

There was a live band too that entertained us with many peppy numbers that really got most of us dancing.

The overall vibe and ambience of the place is amazing. This is a must-visit place to hang out and enjoy some good food and drinks with some foot-tapping live music.

P.S:- Entry only for 21 years and above!!!

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