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Fisherman’s Hub is quite a popular sports bar in Bur Dubai but the first time I heard its name was when a friend of mine invited me a few months back, to try the one at the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa. You can read about my experience here. This restro bar has been for around 3 years and very recently, they opened another branch at Orchid Vue Hotel. The interior is quite different from the other one. It has a typical sports bar feel but families need not be intimidated as there is a family area separate from the common area. Since I went last week, they were showing the Cricket World Cup and it was a wonderful experience. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and a special mention must be made about Mr. Melvin, the Manager, and Abhijit, the amazing bartender, who took good care of us 😊

We kick-started the evening by watching the bartender whip up some good blends like Frozen Strawberry Margherita, Hong Kong Cooler and Appletini. The brightly coloured drinks definitely made for some good clicks and tasted great too but my favourite from these was the Margherita. It was a perfect blend.

How can we have only drinks right!! Just when we started thinking about food, Thai Gin Balls made its way to our table. That’s right…. gin!! These chicken balls prepared with gin was one of the best dishes I’ve had till date. It comes with Peanut Butter Sauce, but you don’t need that at all. They are simply scrumptious on their own. Another delicious dish that was served was Green Chicken (dry), chicken pieces cooked in Manglorean style. It had a distinctive taste and were quite spicy, but not something that we Indians can’t handle.

Fisherman’s Hub is known for its seafood dishes.

So we tried mussels, prawns and kingfish in various preparations. Water fried Kingfish was something that we all were trying for the first time. It’s named so as the slice is marinated with only salt and pepper and the slightly fried and served on a leaf with sautéed onions. It is not bad, but my Indian palate would have loved more masala. It’s good for those who can’t handle any spices. Steamed Kingfish is a popular one in Kerala where the fish is marinated with spices, wrapped in banana leaf and then steam-cooked. It was prepared well and loved the heat, though didn’t enjoy having to take out the bones.

Mussels Sukka and Prawns Masala Fry were to die for. The mussels were prepared in Manglorean way in coconut dry gravy and served with Pundi (rice balls). I’m just drooling thinking about it. The Prawns masala too was delicious and was a perfect combination with Neer Dosa, another Manglorean dish.

Then we tried some chicken and mutton dishes too. Mutton Barra that was soft and juicy and Chicken Hazare that was succulent. Just when we thought we were done, there sitting on a platter was Chicken Tangdi stuffed with Mutton Kheema. It was as delicious as it sounds, if not more.

All preparations at Fisherman’s Hub was perfect and everything was extremely flavourful. This is due to the fact that they use fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love into their preparations.

To end the night, we tried a few more cocktails – Banana Daquiri, Watermelon Fest, PinaColada and a Cherry Brandy based one. The unanimous winner was the Watermelon fest, a brilliant concoction of Tequila, Vodka and other fruit juices. The presentation too was pretty (see pic).

I just can’t wait to go back again 😊

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