A Trip Down Rajdhani Street

Take a hard-core non-vegetarian to Rajdhani Street and he’s sure to fall in love with vegetarian food. This is not an exaggeration. It is my first-hand experience through my hubby who will not touch food if there is not even one non-veg. dish. And even if he does, he would be sulking and making faces like a child!! So, the first time, I took him to Rajdhani Street in JLT, I didn’t tell him prior that it was a pure vegetarian outlet. Once there, and he saw the menu, he was flabbergasted. Thank God it was a public place, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to write this. The experience was a very good one (read all about it here), and he enjoyed it too.

Fast forward to now, when I got an invite to try their Karama branch, I was more than ecstatic. Gave the good news to hubby and contrary to the last time for excited too… yay!!!

Rajdhani Street, Karama is right next door to Rajdhani Thali (read my experience here). The interior is colourful and brightly lit and there’s ample seating. We there during lunch time and the crowd kept growing as time moved on.

The menu is extensive and there’s lots to try and fall in love 😊

We started off with Adrak (ginger) Chai and a Kulukki Sherbet. Chai was served on a wooden tray with namkeen. It was good and so was the sherbet though a lil spicy but loved it.

While trying to decide on what to order, the server suggested to try Thepla Paneer 65 Tacos. My previous experience was amazing, so I thought why not!! Let’s see if it stands the test of time and it did. It was just as cheesy and spicy and enticing as it was. Highly recommended!!!!

Then we had Aamchi Mumbai Vada Pav and Kheema Butter Pav. I’m not a vada pav fan but this was flavourful, though a bit small. The kheema was delicious and the quantity was perfect for two.

I also tried Dahi Papdi Chaat with is presented in a wonderful way. The chaat comes in a sealable glass bottle while the dahi (curd) comes in a separate jug. The curd has to be poured into the bottle and shaken well. It was sooo good. The portion size was huge, and it was delectable. I love most chaats and this one is a must-try!!!

I wanted to try something sweet too, but I was so full that I had to put a full stop.

Overall, a wonderful place to try street style vegetarian food that’s sure to amaze all taste buds!!!

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