Trying Korea’s Favourite Nene Chicken at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Nene in Korean means ‘Yes Yes’ and Nene Chicken is a South Korean – based international fried chicken franchise serving authentic Korean fried chicken since 1999. It is located in the food court on level 1 at Mall of the Emirates.

At Nene Chicken, customers get to experience deliciously marinated, crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside chicken pieces that are served with their choice of authentic Korean sauces. They have over 20 flavours but have only 4-5 currently in the U.A.E.

I visited them during lunch hours on a weekend. The food court was full but we still found a table and social distancing was being practised all around. It was my first time here and the staff were helpful in explaining their menu. They have fried chicken, wings, drums, various combos, Korean meal combos, salads, kids meal too and dessert too.

I’m not a salad person but I still ordered an Asian Slaw Salad with Chicken. It is kinda similar to a coleslaw though not completely and since I ordered it with chicken, it came with fried and chopped Nene Chicken tenders. I loved this combination of the chicken, the salad and the hint of heat.

The Gangnam Burger Combo is perfect for fried chicken burger lovers. The fried chicken is coated in their sweet and spicy sauce and it comes with fries and a drink. For the fries, I opted to have half regular and half snowing fries. The snowing fries are unbelievable!!! Regular fries topped with powdered cheese causing it to look like snow, and hence the name. These were too good.

The highlight of the day was trying the Korean Fried Chicken in their four different flavours – Original, Swincy (sweet and spicy), Bulgogi and Snowing Cheese. They were sold out on the Freaking Hot flavour 😦 The chicken was hot, delicious, crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Each flavour was unique in its own way and I would say that you have to try them all and find your favourite one. if you order 16 or 20 pieces, you can choose upto 4 flavours and if you choose 4 or 8 pieces, then upto 2 flavours.

To end this scrumptious meal, we tried Bungeoppang, one of South Korea’s most popular winter street foods. It is originally a fish-shaped pastry stuffed with sweetened red bean paste, but here they have the option of chocolate filling too. Though the actual product looked different to the picture, it was interesting. We opted for the chocolate filling and it wasn’t too sweet.

Overall, I really loved the fried chicken in various Korean sauces and the chicken slaw salad. Can’t wait to go back and try them again.

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