Unleash your inner Goddess with the newly launched limited-edition silk kimonos representing the 4 elements of nature

Like coffee, exercise and nutrient-rich food, your clothing has the capacity to increase or decrease your energy levels. That’s not the only thing, it is also a powerful thing that you get to choose every day.

The Dubai-based brand KimonoGirl is a pioneer in Energy Fashion and combines all the principles of science and energy healing to give you the power to unleash your inner Goddess through its silk kimonos. Kimonos, originating from over 1,000 years ago are a symbol of longevity and good fortune, have traversed far beyond the East and are known as a fashion statement throughout the globe, worn casually and on the red carpet.

KimonoGirl has launched its limited-edition collection of Elemental kimonos representing the four elements on nature – Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Each element emits a specific vibration and characteristic and healers have found that focusing on the elements can restore personal balance. In this range of Elemental Kimonos, each carries the strengths and wisdom of the element and is energetically charged to bring the wearer balance and harmony. As every piece is hand-made, there are only 25 pieces of each kimono. Each kimono is made of silk source from India, hand-stitched and embroidered with elegant craftsmanship in techniques that have been handed down for centuries and is sustainable and ethically sourced and delivered.

Air Kimono

The air kimono, representing intellect, mental intention, and connection to the universal life force, is light and transparent using an oversized flowy kimono shape with a volume hood, created from a lightweight silk georgette to achieve a dynamic airy look. Embellished with an all-over print of hummingbirds in soft colours at the hemline.

Price: AED 2,370

Earth Kimono
The earth kimono represents grounding, the foundation of life, substance, connection to life path, and family roots. This divine grounding kimono is reminiscent of an emerald forest, the outer side is printed with abundant flora and hummingbirds. The back is embellished with an exquisite hand-embroidered and beaded dragon. The inside is made with a luxurious purple viscose with the mantra hand embroidered into the placket. The hemline is trimmed with a long hand-knotted fringe that moves with the wearer.

Price: AED 2,740

Fire Kimono
This potent fire kimono represents energy, a tool for transformation, connection to personal power, and inner strength. Fire is attributed to transformational and purifying powers. This kimono resembles the dynamic movement of flames. Pleated fiery red is layered to create dimension and the flowerlike flames are designed to come alive as the wearer moves.

The beautiful hand-embellished beaded placket with the fire mantra is embroidered by expert craftswomen who have handed this technique down through generations. Each kimono takes 70 hours to make.

Price: AED 3,285

Water Kimono  

The water kimono represents emotional release, intuition, and re-birth. It is symbolic of healing, flowing, purification, strength, change, and unconditional love. This traditional shaped Japanese Water kimono uses the ancient Shibori tie-dye technique, where combinations of folding, stitching and twisting are used in the process so, as the reflections of water in the ocean, the pattern on each garment is entirely unique. This kimono is reversible, with the inside made of cotton silk satin with the mantra hand embroidered in the placket. 

Price: AED 2,000

Interested to know how are the kimonos energized?

  • Each kimono is individually embroidered with a unique elemental mantra which holds a very powerful meaning.
  • A sacred blessing ceremony is performed by an Energy Master to charge your Kimono with positive energy frequencies.
  • Your Kimono is specially packed and hand-delivered to retain its magic.

Along with the kimono, a personalized card is included in the package holding your mantras and affirmations to help you open up your energy centres.

If you are looking for renewed mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or financial alignment, and you appreciate the finer things in life, KimonoGirl is for you. KimonoGirl’s products are sold in the UAE and can be shipped worldwide. In Dubai, the brand can be found at Summer Soul Boutique located at the Drift Beach Club and Aura SkyPool Lounge in Palm Jumeirah. The brand also has an appointment-only showroom at its Al Barari location and the team conducts home consultations for people that are keen to understand what elements they need in their life at the moment. To shop the range online visit https://realkimonogirl.com/.

Sometimes adding just one piece in your attire can make a huge difference, try it for yourself!


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