Being a Ramen Chef for the day with Nom Nom Asia’s Ramen CIY Kit

Inspired by the bold flavours of South East Asia, Nom Nom Asia has now brought delicious Ramen Cook It Yourself (CIY) Kits with pre-cooked ingredients straight to your kitchen. One can choose from Ramen, Rameyon, Laksa or Lomi CIY Kit. Each kit comes with a choice of protein (chicken, beef, or seafood), their special homemade 22hrs slow cooked broth, fresh noodles, fresh veggies and toppings … Continue reading Being a Ramen Chef for the day with Nom Nom Asia’s Ramen CIY Kit

Dhaba Style Thali at Dhaba Lane

How often is that you come across a non-vegetarian restaurant where their vegetarian thali outshines the non-veg. one!!! Not many, I’m sure. Dhaba Lane situated in Karama is one such outlet. My partner and I visited this place on a weekday afternoon only to try their newly launched thali. The restaurant as the name suggests has a ‘dhaba’ (roadside food stall) feel to it with … Continue reading Dhaba Style Thali at Dhaba Lane

AtmosFire – Open Barbecue Pit Restaurant, Dubai

I had the privilege of dining at a unique concept restaurant yesterday that will be opening shortly in Dubai. Named the AtmosFire, it is located just after Burger Fuel on Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim. It is supposedly a paradise for meat lovers. Diners can experience some of the finest meats sourced from around the world, butchered and aged on-site and then cooked to perfection right … Continue reading AtmosFire – Open Barbecue Pit Restaurant, Dubai

Kappa Chakka Kandhari – Curtain Raiser

Kappa Chakka Kandhari…what is that???!!!! Sounds strange and funny, doesn’t it!!! Any Malayalee would definitely know the meaning of these words but only a typical Malayalee would know its importance. Kappa stands for tapioca, chakka – jackfruit and kandhari means bird’s eye chilli. A vegetable, a fruit and a chilli…. what’s all this about!!!

Once upon a time, these three were the main food items in any household in Kerala. But as time progressed and Kerala evolved, things changed. No one has any more time for the simplicities of life. Today, it’s all about fast food and take-aways. Kappa chakka kandhari feels like a long lost memory or a distant dream. And that is exactly why three wise men from Kerala, Chef Regi Mathew, Augustine Kurian and John Paul, got together and came up with this brilliant concept, a ‘neo’stalgic gastronomic journey back to our roots – Kappa Chakka Kandhari. They began their journey by travelling through the length and breadth of Kerala to sample the different foods and they came up with more than 80 dishes to showcase the authentic Kerala cuisine with great importance to these three staple food crops.

After conducting several successful food festivals in various parts of India, they are now coming to U.A.E. on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of February, 2017 at Expo Centre, Sharjah, powered by MS Events and Euphoria Events. I had the opportunity to be part of the curtain-raiser which was held on January 10th at the same venue. A big thank you to The Tasty Life for taking me along on this wonderful gastronomic journey.


This event had around 40 dishes grouped into 5 themes :

  • Snehatheeram
  • Toddy shop memories
  • Meenachilarin theerathu
  • Thattum puttum
  • Madhurikkum ormakkal

Here, I will be introducing Snehatheeram to you. For the rest, stay tuned. Snehatheeram roughly translates to “a shore of love”. Indeed, all 11 dishes under this theme seem to show the undying love Chef Regi Mathew and his team have for the typical Kerala cuisine they grew up having. Continue reading “Kappa Chakka Kandhari – Curtain Raiser”