After weeks of contemplation, last weekend we decided to have lunch at this Brazilian outlet. Waiters running around with tall skewers containing different types of steaks, prawns and chicken was fun to watch and also tempting. It’s buffet style dining where for AED165/- per person, salad bar, a soup and main course are included. Drinks and dessert will be charged separately. Kids 6-12 yrs half rate.

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The soup of the day was Lobster Bisque. It was just amazing. So smooth and full on flavour. I’m lip smacking even now. There was also potato au gratin, sauteed mushrooms and feijoada. Feijoada is a stew of beans & beef. I was having it for the first time and I enjoyed it.

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The salad bar was too huge and there were lots to choose from, from basic salad items to quinoa to sushi to wasabi to smoked salmon to various pickled items. But don’t get carried away with all this coz the major part is yet to come.

Photo Feb 24, 4 21 13 PM.jpgPhoto Feb 24, 4 21 56 PM (1).jpg

Once you are ready for the main course, just flip the indicator to green meaning “yes, I’m ready” and your table will be flooded with skewer laden waiters and they will continue running around your table until you flip the indicator back to red i.e. stop.

There’s chicken covered with bacon, chicken with cheese, sausages, grilled prawns and different cuts of steak, lamp chops, leg of lamb etc. The best for me was the prawns and chicken with cheese. I found the sausages and chicken with bacon too salty. Both the lamb items still had the gamey taste and that was just terrible.

Photo Feb 24, 3 43 48 PM.jpg

They also served some Brazilian bread, mashed potatoes and banana covered with sugar and cinnamon to cleanse the palette.

Photo Feb 24, 3 24 30 PM.jpg

Though the place is always packed, especially on weekends, I feel they need to make some major improvements in taste and quality of the food they serve.



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