Turn into a Chocolaterian at The Choco Monarch

Did you know that chocolate was originally used as a medicine for treating depression, weight gain etc.? Interesting….. Every time I feel upset, angry or lonely, I would just reach out to my secret stash of chocolates and before I knew it, it’d wiped out!!! OMG… I’ve been eating a lot of chocolates… Yes, I know…. but that’s not the point. The point is I would feel much better after eating these chocolates. Have you felt the same?? Infact it is the chemical component in chocolate that gives it this feel-good factor. And wouldn’t you feel even more happier if you could gorge on a variety of choco-dishes at very reasonable rates!!! Head over to The Choco Monarch and put your qualms to rest.

I was invited to join in on their First Anniversary celebrations and Ohh Boy!!! It was a chocolicious evening!!! I was like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, eyes popping out, drooling and stuffing my face with everything that was served. I could even hear the waiters saying, “Everything in this room is edible. Even I’m edible. But, that would be called canibalism. It is looked down upon in most societies.” Just kidding 😊 😊

The menu here is lavish and extensive and they use the ever famous Belgian chocolate in their dishes. Almost everything here comes drenched in its three forms – white, milk and dark chocolate.

I began the choco journey with a Monster Milk Shake. True to its name, it is a monstrous delicious blend.

I also tried their Strawberry Milkshake and Mocha Frappe. Loved the strawberry milkshake, it was creamy with a rich strawberry flavour. I’m not a fan of mixing coffee with chocolateand so I didn’t enjoy the Mocha Frappe much but those who do like sweet things that are coffee-based, will love it.

HM 12


Then we had a Choco Monarch Pancake, a more royal version of their simple Chocolate Pancake. Light fluffy pancakes covered with fresh fruits and drizzled with milk, white and dark Belgian chocolates was exquisite (Click here to watch the video).

The Choco Lava with ice-cream was sheer delight.

HM 16

From their Crêpe menu, I got to try the Crêpe Crispy which is crêpe stuffed with crispy rice, ice-cream and topped with their 3 kinds of chocolate. It’s like a party in your mouth. And then I had Bownie Bowl, a Monarch Special; brownies with chocolate and ice-cream.

Moving onto the Dipped Empire, we tried two of their best-sellers – Crispy Bowl and Monarch Cream Puff Pyramid. The first one is a simple dish that can be made at home, just mix rice crispies with chocolate but here they have used their 3 types of chocolate. The other dish was a winner for me…. Soft puffs filled with cream and topped with, again, their three types of chocolate.

HM 23

Lastly, I had the Pain Perdu, in simple words, a French Toast. It sounds very simple, but this was the best… the real winner on our table.  A thick slice of bread toasted in lots of butter and served with ice-cream and their three kinds of chocolate is the ultimate heaven on earth. The sides were crispy and the centre soft and not soggy. You can also choose to have caramel sauce instead of the chocolate.

Here are some more pictures of food that was ordered but got over too quickly.

If you’re here to try many of their dishes, then be careful while over-indulging as food coma does get real after a point.

Join their First Anniversary celebrations from October 7 – 9, 2018 where each day selected items are available for AED 10/- only. They also have Happy Hours every day from 10am – 2pm until the 13th of October where you can choose any chocolate dish or beverage for AED 10/- only. Check their Instagram or Zomato for more details. Take your friends and family along and spread this joy!!!

Location : The Choco Monarch, Al Ghurair Centre, Al Rigga, Dubai
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