Up Your Fishing Game at As You Fish

As I walked into this white-coloured two-floored building in Jumeirah with glass doors, there in front of me were many live seafood. As I headed upstairs to the main seating area, I was greeted by a beautiful blue and white painting that is characteristic of Santorini, a popular island in Greece that is known for its beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery and amazing restaurants. This seating area has a huge ceiling-to-floor window overlooking the fabulous Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The walls are adorned with very pretty colourful paintings and each has an intriguing story behind it. They also have an outdoor seating area which in the cooler months will be a great place to be at.

At As You Fish you can choose the fish that you prefer, choose the marinade, get it cooked according to your choice and it’ll be served with your choice of sauce. How cool is that…!!!! In addition to this, they also have a variety of sliders, tacos, salads, soups and other main dishes.

We started our journey the healthy way with a Kale Salad. It was tasty and the prawns gave a warm feel to it. Then we had some juicy scrumptious Chilli Prawn Tacos. The filling was very delicious. The Dynamite Soft-Shelled Crabs served with Dynamite Sauce looked crispy but creepy at first and I wasn’t sure if it could be completely eaten, especially the claws that looked so real, but the waiter explained that these crabs are harvested whilst they are in the midst of shedding their shells. So basically, they don’t have a shell, hence the name 😊 I had my first bite and it was so crispy and so delish. The prawn tacos and these crabs are so worth going back for again and again.

For the fish, we were served pomfret done in two ways – one with a South Indian marinade and barbecued in charcoal and the other with a Garlic and Butter marinade and pan-fried. Both fishes were cooked perfectly, and the presentation was good. However, the winner on the table was the one with the butter and garlic marinade. That’s an unbeatable combination. I’m quiet used to the South Indian marinade at home and I like it, but this wasn’t that great. Also, the fish had a fishy smell (hope you got it)!!

For dessert, we had Matchamisu, Passion Cheesecake and Mango Chia Pudding Sundae. Matchamisu is a coffee-flavoured dessert with cream and dusted with matcha powder. I’m not fond of coffee-desserts but I liked the cream, it was smooth and yummy. The sundae was a beautiful blend of delicious mangoes, chia that is so healthy and some yummylicious cream. The passion cheesecake was tangy yet delectable.

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