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Dubai Marina is well-known for many amazing restaurants with great views. One such restaurant is a pretty little Italian eatery called 800 Pizza, located along the Marina Walk, just beside the playground under the bridge. This casual dining outlet has around six branches all over Dubai. They have indoor and outdoor seating areas. Outdoors, one can enjoy the cool weather (fast approaching) while indoors, one can watch the yummy pizzas being rolled out fresh from the oven.

Pizza 16

We chose to sit inside surrounded by pictures of famous Italian movie stars from the bygone era. We were spoilt for choice when it came to ordering. So, we ordered quiet a few dishes and enjoyed our time there. Hope you enjoy reading about it.

Capricciosa, Beef Bresaola, Burrata, Minestrone Soup and Balls were what we ordered from the appetizer menu. Cappricciosa looked very simple but was full on flavour. The mozzarella cheese was the highlight of this dish. 800 Pizza pride themselves on the fact they use the best buffalo mozzarella, olive oil and tomato in their dishes imported directly from Italy. The cured Italian beef in Beef Bresaola was delicious when paired with parmesan cheese.

The combination of cherry tomatoes with a ball of mozzarella filled with stracciatella made the Burrata a must-try on our table. Balls is a typical Italian street food that is shaped like a ball (duh!!) with a crispy shell and different fillings inside. We tried Mac & Cheese, Calamari & Prawn, and Turkey Sausage flavours in them. They were warm and tasted okay. Would make great finger food to munch on in winter.

They also serve freshly made fruit juices. Among the Apple, Pineapple and Lemon with Mint juices that we had, the Pineapple was the best.

Pizza 6

Looking at the pizza and pasta menu, we were so confused on what to order as the pictures and the descriptions were too tempting. Finally, we decided on Lasagna, Cremosa and Cannelloni al Forna from the Pasta menu and Meat Feast, Margherita con Bufala, Salami & Pepperoni and Pesto from the Pizza menu. Told you it was tempting. We were a large group anyways 😊

The outstanding ones for me were the Cremosa and the Pesto Pizza. Having said this, I also have to say that the others weren’t bad, they too were delicious. I just feel that every time I dine out, I have to select a winner (MasterChef influence 😊) The Cremosa was creamy and delish. The Lasagna was unlike any other lasagne I had tasted so far. The meat in most lasagnas have a ‘gamey-taste’ but this one didn’t. it was a refreshing blend of flavours. The Cannelloni al Forna was creamy but I felt it could have been seasoned a little better.

The pizzas are all thin crust but they don’t tear your mouth unlike the other thin-crust pizzas. I loved the sauce used, it was subtle and not over-powering. These freshly baked pizzas were a little bundle of joy.

The time had come to order dessert and yet again, all of us wanted everything. So we ordered all the items from their Dessert Menu – Tortina della nonna, Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Molten Chocolate Cake, Crostata with Nutella and Gluten-free Chocolate Mousse Cake. I’m not fond of coffee-based desserts, so I didn’t enjoy Tiramisu, even though it’s one of their best-sellers. Tortina della nonna, a short pastry filled with lemony custard, was refreshing and the lemon flavour was amazing. The next best thing was the Molten Chocolate Cake, gooey and chocolatey, a must for any chocolate-lover. The Panna Cotta was smooth and the Crostata took me to chocolate-heaven 😊

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