Pure Indulgence Only at Waffee Street

Waffee Street is a tiny café located in the heart of Dubai but clearly hidden from prying eyes. This is their second branch, the first one being in Sharjah. Waffee Street (Dubai branch) can clearly be called a Hidden Gem, ‘coz it’s tucked away cleverly at one of the many by-lanes somewhere in Satwa. Find your way once and you’ll always keep coming back.

Coffee and chocolate are two revelled delicacies that I can have at any time of the day or night. And Waffee Street is known for their speciality coffees, hot and cold, brewed in a variety of ways; and different types of waffles and pancakes.

As I stepped into this quaint café, I was transported into another world. It may be small, but it was so cute and chic. Definitely a place that I would want to go to again and again and just sip on my coffee while indulging on their lip-smacking desserts.

I tried two of their drinks – the renowned Spanish Latte (hot) and the Strawberry Mojito. I just love how the hot Spanish Latte was presented, the vibrant red coloured cup and saucer instantly uplifted the whole vibe of the place. And it tasted great too. The Strawberry Mojito was amazing too. I was told the cold latte is a must-try too. Definitely, next time.

From the dessert menu, I tried the Family Pancake and the Chocolate Tower. Mini blobs of pancake topped with various delicious sauces ranging from Nutella to Lotus to Pistachios to Mixed Chocolate, fit for a family, true to its name.

The showstopper of the afternoon was the Chocolate Tower. A tall glass filled with bubble waffles and strawberries and ice-cream covered in chocolate turned over onto a dish set up high, right in front of me, made me squeak in delight like Charlie in a Chocolate Factory. Every scoop was sheer bliss.

Waffee Street is one place you should visit even if you aren’t a dessert fan. You’re bound to change to your views. Having said that, I am definitely going again to try their cold Spanish Latte and other dessert items. Ohh!! Did I mention their kid-friendly too!!! 😊

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