Once Upon A Bite

Growing up, I used to be fascinated with stories that started with ‘Once upon a time’. Utter those four words and I’d be transported into an imaginary world filled with many wonderful stories. But never did I imagine that as an adult, all the stories that I tell would begin with ‘Once upon a bite’!!! I’m not joking… It so happens that almost every conversation that I have with my family and friends is all about food, not only because I’m a food blogger, but also because we’re all food aficionados. And when I heard that a restaurant named ‘Once Upon A Bite’ has opened its doors in Dubai, I was pretty sure that I had to visit this place. And so I did, a few days back along with a few friends who were wishing the same.

Once Upon A Bite is a cute, quirky restaurant with beautiful interiors and where chatter happens on a platter. They serve veg. and non-veg. Indian and Chinese quick bites and street food. But as fate would have it, I was vegetarian that particular day and so I tried only their vegetarian dishes.

We started off with Spiced Orange Juice and Masala Chaas. The Spiced Orange Juice was too good; very well done. Some of my friends liked the masala chaas (buttermilk) too but I felt the mustard seeds gave a very bitter flavour.

Their Special Combos are well-known, and I got to try the Amritsari Pindi Chole served with jeera rice and paratha. OMG!!! It was super delicious. The hot, soft paratha with the warm chole was heaven on earth!!! It’s very filling and the quantity is well-sufficient for two.

Next up was Paneer Paratha Roll, Cheese Burst Maggi and Pasta. The serving size of the paneer roll is quite huge, which is nice but I did feel that the paneer could have been more flavourful. The paratha is simply yumm. Maggi is my all-time favourite but the Cheese Burst Maggi didn’t do much justice. It was too watery for my liking. The pasta was a winner. It was spicy, and delectable.

For desserts, we had a Brownie Choco Bliss and a Caramel Delight, both with ice-creams. Both were equally delish, and I could have them again.

Ended the night with their very famous Shaadi Waali Coffee. It’s a very strong coffee with a lot of froth on top that stays put until the last drop.


Friendly staff, cute ambience and warm, comforting food makes Once Upon A Bite a go-to place again and again, and I definitely need to go back to try all the non-veg. dishes that I missed 😊

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