Let’s go to That Place

AJ: Mom, can we go out for lunch today?
Me: Where do you want to go?
AJ: You choose.
Me: OK…. Let’s go to that place!!
AJ: Which place?
Me: That place….!!!
AJ: WHICH Plaaacceeee…???
Me: THAAT Plaaaccee…. It is the name of a place!!!

If you don’t know, AJ is my 8yr old cutie with hidden horns and we had this conversation some time back on a Friday afternoon. Though we didn’t make it to That Place that time, we were finally able to visit two days back.

That Place is a quaint dining outlet located in Karama behind Park Regis Hotel. It has limited seating though the wonderful vibe created by the turquoise coloured long sofa set against the pink wall on one side and a wallpaper with beautiful vases with pink flowers on the opposite side is worth mentioning. I visited this place with my family after iftar, but they are open for dine-in during the day as well. There are board games too keep one occupied before the food arrives.


We started off with Disco Fries which is fries topped with cheddar cheese, mozzarella, sour cream and spring onions. Cheesy fries with sour cream was just flavoursome and every mouthful made me shake my body in delight. Maybe that’s why it’s called disco fries 😊


That Place is famous for their signature stuffed buns that they prepare in-house itself. There are various stuffing options ranging from veg. to non-veg. The buns are also available in three different options – soft, crispy and flatbread.  Their flatbreads are a must-try as these are not your average flatbreads; they are crispy and delish.

So we ordered one of their best-sellers – the Vada Cheese Bomb – in their signature French Stuffed Bun. Simply said it is a vada pav but with a major delicious twist. I usually am not fond of vada pav as I feel it is just a fried potato dumpling placed in a bun cut in half. But I loved this version. The spicy potato with cheese stuffing is actually stuffed inside a bun and topped with their special sauce and sev. It is just bursting with flavours and now I know what the fuss is all about.


Then we had Fiery Bomb Chicken Crisps stuffed in a bun and Tango Chicken as a Flatbread. The winner here was the Tango Chicken Flatbread. The flatbread resembles waffles slightly but was crisp and not the type that cuts your mouth. The tango chicken is a Mexican variety and words can’t describe how delectable it was. And a dip in the sour cream elevated the taste further. I would totally recommend this one!!!


The Fiery Bomb Chicken Crisps were pieces of chicken marinated in a desi-style Dynamite sauce, then fried and then stuffed in a bun and served with Tabasco sauce. The spice level can be adjusted according to one’s preference. We went with medium spicy and that was a right choice because when eaten with Tabasco, it was spicy.

For drinks, we had a Lotus Milkshake, a Hot Chocolate and a Punjabi Chai. The Hot Chocolate was creamy, chocolatey and yummy. The Lotus Milkshake topped with a lotus biscuit had the right consistency and was lip-smackingly delicious. It was undoubtedly the winner on the table. But the chai was a let-down. We were hoping for a good Indian chai as the name suggested but it didn’t stand up.

It was time for dessert and I was excited as I was told that I would get to try something new; something that would be up on their menu only after Ramadan. The newcomer slowly made its way to our table and what a stunning entry it was!!

Draped in flowing green white chocolatey sauce, topped with caramelized pistachios and vanilla ice-cream and with a dash of glitter, the churros stole my heart right away. For a dessert lover, this is a terrific combination. The churros were huge and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and a spoonful of it tastes amazing. The sweetness is well balanced too.


There will be various options to choose from, ranging from the no. of churros to the sauce, like milk chocolate, white chocolate, pistachio, toffee, caramel etc.

Another dessert that we tried was Lemon Cake, thick slices of the cake topped with cream and a dash of glitter served in a cute pot. It was too sour for my liking but my lil one loved it so much that he finished almost half of it by himself.


Overall, a great place to try some of the regulars BUT with a wonderful twist. You’ll feel like you’re eating something new. Kid-friendly and totally Insta-worthy too!!

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