Beat the Dubai Summer with Bombay Kulfi

There is no dearth of kulfi shops in Karama and the latest to join the bandwagon is Bombay Kulfi, a branch of the largest kulfi chain in India. Bombay Kulfi serves over 80 flavours of kulfis and BK natural ice-creams that are made from 100% fresh milk and all-natural ingredients. There are no artificial flavourings or colours used. All BK products are made in India and shipped directly to the Dubai branch.

The outlet has a cute indoor dining area with yellow and red coloured tables and stools that take us back to school and the walls are adorned with quirky writings and pictures.

The first item that we tried was the BK Naturals. They have various flavours in this like Irish Coffee, Mixed Berry Yoghurt, Butter Scotch, Kesar Pista, and Royal Dry Fruit among others. My kiddo wanted to try the Oreo flavour and I had to give in. I’m not usually fond of Oreo biscuits or ice-creams but this one really had me. It was very creamy and delish, and I had to struggle with my lil one for one more bite.


So I got my own…. not 1 but 2 kulfis – the much renowned guava with chilli and a pista kulfi.

Guava with chilli was served as a slice chopped into pieces while the other one was on a short stick, unlike the usual kulfis. I remember eating kulfis when I was a kid and this one took me back to my childhood. The Pista Kulfi was yum and the chopped pistachios made it more delectable. At first bite, the Guava with Chilli Kulfi was a little sour and then the chilli kicked in to cut away the sourness. It is a great mix of flavours and a favourite among the BK diners.

Lastly, we had the Rangeela which as the name suggests is colourful because it is made up of 4 different flavours in 1 – Blackcurrant, Butterscotch, Pista and Orange. Watch the video to see how it should be eaten 😊

Bombay Kulfi maybe a newbie but it definitely has created a niche for itself and I just can’t wait to head back to Karama and try more of their different flavours. Perfect way to beat the Dubai summer.

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