Burger Party at B2B Burgers

B2B Burgers is a home-grown brand that uses 100% organic vegetables and Wagyu beef and homemade sauces and where everything is prepared fresh. It is located in Dubai Mall at Grand Parking P1 on the Lower Ground Floor.

It took me quite some time to find this restaurant even though we parked at Grand Parking as this outlet isn’t located within the mall. Infact, this outlet, alongwith a few others, are located in between two roads in the parking area within the mall. This restaurant has only an outdoor seating area and it tends to get very noisy with all the vehicles and people going around. It is also hot, but they have coolers, so it was ok. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and helped us choose some of their best-sellers.

We ordered a B2B, Monalisa and Rice Chicken Burgers with Onion Rings and Mozzarella Sticks as sides, and an Ice Tea. Unfortunately, they had run out/discontinued many items that we wanted to try like the Peach & Halloumi Salad, Vegan burger, Avocado bun for the burgers, Camel ice-cream, and Aloe juice. I was told these would be available soon, so maybe next time.

Both B2B & Monalisa burgers are Wagyu beef burgers with onions, tomatoes, and baby spinach but the difference lies in the sauces used and the buns. Monalisa is always prepared in black buns but my bad luck, they didn’t have black buns ☹ Both tasted different and good but my fav from these two was the Monalisa.

The winner on the table though was the Rice Chicken Burger. Instead of buns, it was sticky rice and it was delish though a little difficult to bite into as the rice bun kept breaking into small bits.


Don’t forget to get their black gloves to keep your hands mess-free!!

The sides were good too and not oily as most others.

We also tried their Biscuits which would be a good combination with coffee or tea.


Even though they didn’t have many items, what we had was really good and fresh and not too heavy on the tummy.
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