An Experience to Remember at A.E.R

A.E.R is the latest luxurious lounge in DIFC housing Dubai’s longest bar at 100 ft. and extending across 20,000 sq.ft, with a signature rooftop view of the Dubai skyline. A.E.R Restaurant and Bar serves a variety of international dishes and authentic blends, in addition to housing a talented shisha artist.

My first visit to A.E.R. was on their launch night on Sept. 25th, one day before they opened their doors to the public. It was my honour to be part of something amazing and I loved my experience that day. Since it was the launch day, I got to try some of their mini bites (obviously not a sit-down dining experience, duh!!) while my friends tried their Black Ji Shisha (I’m not a shisha person). According to them, it was a transforming shisha experience, from the flavours to the presentation to their names……. I was intrigued too. Wouldn’t you want to try a Mr. Duck or a Mr. Owl or a Mr. Parrot?!! 😊 There was a live DJ, a saxophonist and a drummer who kept us entertained all night.

I then visited on October 14th with my family to try their dine-in menu. Kids are allowed up until 10pm, which is a bonus for people like me who have a small kid and don’t have any babysitters 😊

As you enter A.E.R., you’ll be greeted by the open area with a long bar and shisha counter and an equally long dining cum shisha area. This area also has an open roof lined with cute round lamps which makes it an ideal destination for the approaching winter in Dubai!! There’s also a corner just for shisha. Looks like they take their shisha experience seriously 😉

The indoor area has a smoking and non-smoking area and again a bar counter. The interior is simply mind-blowing and the whole ambience is downright amazing.

We started of by ordering a round of cocktails, hubster went with AER View as he loves passionfruit and I had a Mocking Bird. The presentation of the Mocking Bird was simply wow!!! The drink comes in a bird shaped glass decorated with pineapple leaves to mimic its tail and then there’s a nest with cherry tomatoes and live plants. How much cuter and more creative can this get!!! Totally insta-worthy. The AER View looked simple was a killer!! They also have some interesting cocktails featuring popcorn and black passion.

For starters, we had Pescadito Frito, fish fingers with Tartar Sauce. Simple, warm and fresh. For mains, we ordered Beef Sliders and Butter Chicken. Another amazing thing here is that each dish in the menu is mentioned along with the time it takes to prepare it. So, if you’re in a hurry, you can easily choose accordingly. They’re called sliders but the portion size is filling and there were three of them. Loved the barbecue flavoured beef.

I still can’t believe we ordered Butter Chicken in a bar 😉 But it was one of the best ones I’ve tried till date. Perfect balance of creamy and spicy and having this with plain rice is like a symphony in the mouth.

Dessert was Turtle Cheesecake. Though the presentation was not as colourful as the pic in the menu, it was delish. Each spoonful was dollop of goodness.


A must-try restaurant and bar that serves not only exquisite drinks and shisha but delicious wholesome food too. Definitely an experience to remember 😊
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