How Important is Milk in Your Life?

Arla Foods is a Scandinavian multinational enterprise based in Denmark, and the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia. It is the fourth largest dairy company in the world with respect to milk volume, and seventh with respect to turnover. Arla Foods has three minor brands: Arla, Lurpak and Castello cheeses, and all Arla dairy products come from a farmer-owned dairy company.

I got to try some of Arla’s products as part of the Arla Organic campaign by Arla on Sampleo. The products received were Organic Milk – full fat and low fat, and chocolate and strawberry Milkshakes.

Arla Organic Milk is naturally rich in calcium which is needed for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. It is also a great source of essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, phosphorous and potassium. Arla organic milk is fresh cow’s milk that is free from artificial hormones and preservatives. It is enriched with Vitamin D and UHT treated and homogenized. The low-fat milk is enriched with Vitamin A also. The milk was creamy and tasted naturally sweet and I would recommend it to those looking for a healthy alternative. They have lactose-free options too.


The milkshakes are made with organic milk and no artificial colours or flavourings. I tried the chocolate and strawberry milkshakes (actually my kiddo did, I only got a sip!!) but it was yumm!! They make for a delicious snack for the little ones.

On that note, I wish my followers a healthy life and keep following me on Instagram, Facebook and my blog to find out more about where to eat, what to eat (or drink 😊) and more!!


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