Vasanta Bhavan – Must Try Pure South Indian Veg. Restaurant in Discovery Gardens

Vasanta Bhavan is a casual dining restaurant whose main focus is authentic flavourful pure vegetarian south Indian food. They also serve vegetarian Chinese cuisine. They have many branches in U.A.E., with the one at Discovery Gardens being the latest. It is located on the Ground level in Building 20 on Street 1.

Open for breakfast and all throughout for lunch and dinner, I visited them a few days ago for dinner with my family. The outlet is bright, airy and spacious, with separate areas for families and bachelors. There’s free parking in the front area and all around. Our temperatures were checked upon entering and once seated, we were quick to order.

We started off with a plate of Puri Baji, 3 hot steaming puris with mouth-watering potato baji and the south Indian classic white coconut chutney. The puris were like what my mom makes at home and the baji was yum. Masala Dosa was crisp, had good ghee flavour and the filling was delicious. The accompanying sambar; white, tomato and green chutneys were perfect. My fav was the green chutney. We also ordered Keera Vada, which is spinach vada, upon the staff’s recommendation. It was soft and tasty and did not have any bitter aftertaste contrary to what I had thought.

They have daily evening specials for each day of the week, from which we chose Ceylon Paratha with Mushroom Masala & Masala Milk. Masala Milk is basically sweetened warm milk topped with various chopped nuts. Loved it. The Ceylon porotha was soft and this is a must try combo.

Another combo we tried upon the staff’s recommendation was the Chole Batura. A humongous fluffy batura made its way to our table and I was wonderstruck at its beauty for some time. This came with chickpeas curry and curd salad; perfect for sharing.

We ended the meal with Sweet Paniyaram, soft bouncy sweet fried balls, 8 on a plate.

I also tried Fresh Lemon Soda and Chai. They have vegetarian Chinese, but I left it for the next visit.

The food here was amazing…it was fresh, and appetizing, just like how authentic South Indian food should be. The staff were remarkable, and I can’t wait to go back again.

Vasanta Bhavan, you’ve found a new fan in me!!

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