Dubai expat advices to go ‘Beyond Stereotypes’

Vidya Rani, The Mrs India- I am Powerful 2021 pageant winner emphasizes the need for breaking barriers and develop out-of -box thinking to attain our full potential.

  • The event was held to commemorate Vidya Rani’s success in Mrs. India – I am Powerful pageant.
  • Several dignitaries attended the event including Mr. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chairman, VAID Health Care Services, Engineer Redha Juma Al Saleh, Chairman, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sultanate of Oman and Debanjali Kamstra, Mrs. UAE World 2021, the first woman to represent UAE in the Mrs. World Pageant.
  • The idea of the event was to break stereotypical barriers, develop inclusivity and raise awareness on sustainability

The Beyond Stereotypes event was held recently hosted by Vidya Rani, Winner, Mrs India – I Am Powerful pageant held at Jaipur in September 2021.  Vidya is also the Co-founder and General Manager of VAID Health Care Services in Dubai.

Vidya moved to Dubai just ten months ago after an enriching stay in Oman for 22 years.  She was going through a professional and personal adversity and needed a platform to regain her spirits and to her surprise, she walked away with the title Mrs India- Inner Beauty. Based on her phenomenal success in the pageant Mrs India-I am Powerful, Vidya decided to embark on a journey of enlightening the society on redefining stereotypes like beauty, celebrity, inclusivity, sustainability etc. Speaking on the occasion, Vidya remarked, “Every role in our life is cast into a mould and caged in pre-defined boxes by the societal norms.  It is time for us to smash those barriers and go Beyond Stereotypes to evolve as stronger and better human beings.

The event was graced by Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chairman, VAID Health Care Services, Engineer Redha Juma Al Saleh, Chairman, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sultanate of Oman and Debanjali Kamstra, Mrs. UAE World 2021, the first woman to represent UAE in the Mrs. World Pageant.

Vidya Rani, whose name literally translates as Queen of Knowledge has taken life with purpose and passion. Vidya Rani is also an entrepreneur, public speaker, wellness coach and a voice artist. She is an avid reader, poet and writer herself, a toastmaster and winner of several accolades.  The best role she finds fulfilling is to raise a beautiful daughter as a responsible citizen.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief guest Mr. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chairman of VAID Health Care Services expressed his support and appreciation for Vidya’s efforts.  He expressed that he has always supported women in their endeavours to fulfil their dreams and was happy to support a strong woman like Vidya in her journey.

The guest of honour, Engineer Redha Juma Al Saleh, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sultanate of Oman fondly remembered the 22 years of golden period that Vidya spent in Oman and expressed great admiration for her contribution professionally and socially in Oman.  He remarked that GCC countries always valued women empowerment and ensured equal participation of women in all streams of the society.

Vidya presented her remarkable journey of transformation from an obese body-conscious lady to the confident business woman today through an audio-visual presentation. She charmed the audience with her captivating story and her relentless spirit of self-development.  Thereafter, the floor was opened for an interactive session with the audience wherein Vidya gave valuable insights on topics ranging from healthcare, pageant lessons, spirituality etc. 

Speaking about the measures taken to support health sector to revive from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vidya said, “Healthcare sector has suffered a lot and did face lot of casualties as well due to the impact of global pandemic.  We believe in collaborative approach to deal with the situation and support every player in the industry including the providers.  We have organized Health Summits and conferences in Amman, Jordan; Tehran, Iran and now in Tunisia to bring the leaders in the industry together and exchange thoughts and ideas to implement for boosting the revival of the sector.”

When asked what would be her advice to young boys and girls interested to take part in pageants, Vidya replied, “Young boys and girls should not to get measured by any yardstick for the parameters of beauty.  They need to develop body positivity and be confident in their own skin and embrace and celebrate their uniqueness. Also, the training during the pageant should not be restricted to the pageant journey.  Those activities like personal grooming, skin care, exercise regimen, confidence building tactics should be implemented for life and should become an integral part of journey of life itself.

Apart from external grooming support; Vidya also highlighted the numerous ways to stay mentally uplifted and morally motivated, “When we embark on a journey which is less trodden, it is difficult to find spiritual support. So, I resorted to introspection, meditation, reading books and listening to motivational videos that helped me in developing strong spiritual strength. Amazingly, I could randomly read one paragraph from any book and get answer for a disturbing confusion or doubt. Many times, we need to applaud ourselves and pat our own back to develop that inner strength.”

VAID Health Care Services (VHS) is a highly integrated, patient-centric health services platform for delivering seamless, high-quality solutions for people seeking medical treatment abroad. VHS has created a strong network of high-quality hospitals and wellness centers worldwide and endeavours to build a reputation in the region known for delivery of high-quality services in a timely and safe manner.

Mrs. India – I am Powerful is a pageant organised by Aster Fine Arts and Events every year.  The pageant is organised without any restrictions of height, weight or age.  There are categories as Mrs. India – I am Powerful, Mrs. Curvy – I am Powerful, Mr. India – I am Powerful and India’s Charming Face in both male and female categories.


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