Gochiso sama deshita Sushi Sushi

Enter the Century Village in Al Garhoud, and you’re transported into culinary heaven serving cuisines from around the world. Most places also serve drinks and it gets crowded in the evenings and during weekends. It’s a great place to be during the cooler months of the year. The walk to Sushi Sushi was a relaxing one with fountains and greenery all around. Enter this place and your transported to oriental times with bright red interiors, dim lighting and small plates of sushi making their rounds on the conveyor belt. Seating is available outdoors too, surrounded by water and lots of greenery, creating a wonderful ambience.

Sushi Sushi specializes in Japanese cuisine and is one of the first restaurants in Dubai that served sushi. This was my first visit here but my second to a sushi place. Read about my first experience here. So I was more confident to try the makis but not so confident to try the sashimis. We ordered an array of makis – Kho’s Spicy Aftershock Maki, Phili Cheese Maki, Crunchy California Maki and Volcano Maki. These are a fusion version of the traditional makis and I must say, I’m in love with sushi after trying these. They don’t give a raw fishy feel, infact no sushi should, if it’s fresh and prepared well. But first-timers are usually hesitant to try raw fish but be assured, these are not the usual ones with just rice and raw fish. Try these and you’ll fall in love with sushi and Sushi Sushi.

SS 29

Kho’s Spicy Aftershock Maki is an inside out roll filled with spicy tuna, crab and cucumber and garnished with chilli flakes on the outside. Phili Cheese Maki is also an inside out roll but filled with cream cheese, crab, and avocado and topped with smoked salmon and tobiko. Just dip it in a little soy sauce or have it with a little wasabi and you’ll enjoy it. Crunchy California Maki is their take on the traditional California Maki covered with tempura crumbs. This was amazing. It tasted delicious and the crumbs took it to another level. The last one I tried was the Volcano Maki and ohh boy!!! It was indeed like a volcano…. a volcano that was waiting to rumble while on the plate but only exploded with a burst of amazing flavours in my mouth. This spicy tuna and avocado wrapped in salmon and crab meat and topped with sriracha definitely tantalized my taste-buds!!! I never imagined sushi could taste so delicious. Now I know why many are so in love with sushi!!!

We also had Crispy Calamari Rings served with spicy creamy sauce. It was so scrumptious that it was wiped out in seconds, literally.

SS 33

With sushi time over and a hint of tears in my eyes, we were served our main course. I had ordered a Prawn Chilli Ramen, basically ramen noodles with spicy stir-fried prawns. This is usually a delish combination, but it wasn’t. It was bland and a total let-down. Meanwhile my friends had ordered Yaki Soba Teppan and Chicken Curry Katsu. Yaki Soba Teppan is stir-fried noodles served with a salad and a miso soup. The noodles tasted quite okay but nothing great. But I loved the Chicken Curry Katsu. OMG!!! It was delicious…. The rice and the curry…yum….and when paired with the Chicken Katsu (chicken that has been pounded flat then seasoned, coated in breadcrumbs and the fried) was lip-smackingly delicious. I know what I’ll be ordering next time.

As thirst quenchers, I had Red Dawn, in keeping with the colour theme of this restaurant 😊 and my friends had Bora Bora and fresh Orange juice. Red Dawn is a mocktail of sprite, and orange, cranberry and lime juices. The fizziness of the sprite and the mix of flavours made it a cool and refreshing drink. They also serve cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

For dessert, we were served Apple and Banana Tempura with Vanilla Ice-cream, Deep Fried Ice-cream (filled with strawberry ice-cream) and a variety of other ice-creams scoops like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and some flavours that I haven’t tried like Matcha and Green Tea. These two flavours were palatable and I enjoyed my first experience with them. The other flavours were tasty too. I wasn’t too fond of the deep-fried ice-cream and the apple and banana tempura as the coating was too hard and not very luscious. Only the ice-creams tasted lovely.

All you sushi-lovers out there, do not miss this place and those who haven’t tried sushi yet, give it a try here and you’ll leave wanting more. The hospitality of the staff is worth commending and it adds to the over-all warmth of the place.

Gochiso sama deshita Sushi Sushi!!!

                                    Thank you, Sushi Sushi, for the delicious meal!!!

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