Chocoholics go only to GF Ferre Chocolate Bar

“Eat, sleep, drink chocolate”, said someone once and that’s exactly what I did on my b’day, a few days back. I woke up on D-day to this yummy honey cake drowned in chocolate syrup and covered with Kit Kat pieces, all done by my AJ, my 7-year old kiddo (I love you, baby!!!) with a lil help from Mr. J. They know I looove chocolate. And we ended the day with chocolate too….at a chocolate BAR 😊 at GF Ferre Chocolate Bar, located in Mall of the Emirates. The b’day dinner was postponed to the next day because they knew how much I’d love this more than anything else.

Apart from serving delicious chocolate drinks and dishes, GF Ferre Chocolate Bar serves breakfast, soups, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and many other dishes. But keeping in mind the theme of the day 😉, I stuck to the dolci part of the menu.

I got really tempted and ordered a Chocolate Sphere Ball, a Lotus Caramel Pudding, a Lotus Milkshake and a Hot Chocolate. The Chocolate Sphere Ball which is stuffed with hazelnut-praline mousse melts dramatically when hot, smooth, gooey chocolate sauce is poured over it. It’s yummy, delicious, and perfect for this cool weather. Watch the video here.

The Lotus Caramel Pudding too is warm and delish and goes in perfect harmony with the vanilla ice-cream.

I absolutely loved the drinks. Everyone is into lotus-based food these days and the Lotus milkshake did complete justice to it. It may not be perfect for this weather as it’s too chilled but try it before it gets even cooler, you’ll love it. The hot chocolate did help to keep me warm and comfy.

At the end, I was in sugar coma but I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m definitely going back to try their other desserts and rest of the menu. Use Zomato Gold for 1+1 offers on food and receive discounts when using ENBD or ADCB cards.

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