Have a Whale of a Time at De Fish Sea Food Restaurant

There’s a fishy place in one of the by-lanes in Karama and you’d be well off if you steered clear of it ‘coz one visit and you’ll be caught in its net forever 😉 Aptly named De Fish SeaFood Restaurant, it has been in the same location for a couple of years…. How did I miss out on this so-Fish-ticated eatery!!!!

It has both an outdoor and indoor seating area and the interior is simple with a seafood counter on one side, where you can choose the fish that you want, and have it prepared according to your liking.

We were served a welcome drink on arrival which was a concoction of ginger and mint and it immediately set the tone for what was to come. This is purely a seafood restaurant serving mainly Keralite and Chinese food. You’ll not find any chicken or mutton dishes here. So be prepared for a ‘Fishy Meal’!!!

For starters, we ordered Fish Fingers, Fish Tikka, De Fish Meen Manga Salad and Garlic Butter Prawns.

The Fish Tikka was very delicious. My friend and I were in a race to get the last piece, it was that good. The salad contained raw mango pieces with tomato and fried sardine, broken up into bite-size pieces. It was quite refreshing, but I’m usually not fond of sardine only because it has many bones, though very small in size. Even at home, I spend a lot of time taking out each and every teeny-meeny bone, much to the disappointment of my mom who keeps telling me that these are supposedly very healthy!!!

The Garlic Butter Prawns is one dish that you must order, it was garlicy and buttery and lip-smackingly delicious. Try it to believe it!! The Fish Fingers were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and went perfectly well the accompanying dip.

For drinks, I had the Yellow Lilly & my dining partner had the Sea Breeze. Yellow Lilly has passionfruit, lime and Sprite and some chilly to spice it up. It’s a good one but if you’re having it with spicy food, the heat tends to grow on you. It shouldn’t be a problem for those who love and can tolerate a lot of heat. Sea Breeze is more calming as it’s blueberries & lime.

How could we dine at a restaurant serving Keralite food and not have Kappa & Fish, a typical Keralite dish!!! We had Kappa (Tapioca) with Meen (Fish) Vattichathu which came in an earthen pot. In Kerala, fish curry is usually cooked in such earthen pots as it gives more flavour. the kappa felt a little dry but the fish curry was awesome, the gravy was damn spicy, and very flavourful. It reminded me of the fish curry that my dad makes….yes, my dad cooks and he’s an expert in whipping up typical Keralite dishes!!!

We also chose a fish from their Seafood Counter and got it marinated and Tawa fried as per their recommendation. This was sooo yum, I’m drooling as I write this. Also ordered some Chilli Garlic Noodles which honestly for me, didn’t work as well as the other dishes.

Overall, an amazing restaurant serving seafood at very reasonable rates. Try not to be shell-fish 😉

Location: Near Telal Supermarket, Sheikh Hamdan Colony, Karama, Dubai

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