An Asian Lunch at Home from Nom Nom Asia

Nom Nom Asia is a delivery only outlet with several branches across UAE. I ordered from them last week for lunch. The food was neatly packed and labelled.

Starters were Prawn Crackers and Dynamite Prawns. Loved the fact that the sauce with which the dynamite prawns is usually coated with came as a separate pac and so the prawns weren’t soggy. The sauce was excellent.

Mains were Nasi Goreng, Kung Pao Chicken, Thai Green Curry and Egg Fried Rice. The Thai green curry was simply wow!! Loved the combination of flavours. The fried rice was a good combination with Kung Pao chicken which too was prepared well. The Indonesian style Nasi Goreng was superb, and I had chosen the chicken one.

An Asian meal is never complete without dessert and we had the traditional Thai dessert, Mango Sticky Rice. The coconut milk was packed separate. It was good though I felt they could have used Alphonso mangoes which are the best mangoes in the world. Also, I felt the dessert could have been a bit more sweeter overall.

On the whole, the meal was packed with flavours and I highly recommend the Thai Green Curry.


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