Chocoholics go only to GF Ferre Chocolate Bar

“Eat, sleep, drink chocolate”, said someone once and that’s exactly what I did on my b’day, a few days back. I woke up on D-day to this yummy honey cake drowned in chocolate syrup and covered with Kit Kat pieces, all done by my AJ, my 7-year old kiddo (I love you, baby!!!) with a... Continue Reading →

Al Karya Bakery, JVC

Do not judge a book by its cover. This proverb cannot be far from the truth when talking about Al Karya Bakery. It’s a small joint in one of the by-lanes in Jumeirah Village Circle. Once you step in, you see that there’s very limited seating but that’s because the bulk of their orders is... Continue Reading →

L’eto Caffe, MOE

L'eto Caffe has an amazing jaw-dropping display of cakes and sweets. It is this colourful, scumptious display that always caught my attention while wandering around in Mall of the Emirates But I used to wonder, would they be as tasty as they look!!!! As the saying goes, can looks be deceiving??!!! The ratings on Zomato... Continue Reading →

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